Anime-Inspired Stories

The fifth episode of the From Zero Podcast has arrived!

This is one of the topics that led to me making this podcast to begin with. One thing I knew would set the podcast apart from others, was my eagerness to talk about ideas and topics that nearly nobody speaks on.

There seems to be a trend among young writers to draw inspiration from anime, to create what is being dubbed by some as ‘anime-inspired stories’.

Anime is something I have rarely heard authors bring up in regards to writing, and in the podcast I reference some of the few times I have heard it.

I also give my thoughts on this peculiar subgenre of storytelling, and how I think it can be done well.

If you’re someone who loves anime and writing, or maybe just one of those things, why not take a listen? And trust me, you can expect more content on this theme in the future.

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Alexander Thomas

Through the act of storytelling, I strive to subvert your expectations of stories, the world, and maybe even yourself.

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