Sayonara… for now.

This is completely contrary to what I stated in my previous podcast, but there will not be more content like I was saying.

For now.

More content will come, and it will be refreshing and a lot better than my current stuff. But I need some time to think about how to proceed, but also, I want to focus on my novel.

This story of mine, The Light Within Tears, I’ve been writing it for a while now, and last year, for various reasons, I didn’t do anywhere near as much work on it as I would have liked. I think it worked out best that I didn’t, but still, I’d rather not have a repeat of it.

It’s going to be radio silence until I am done revising this story. Next you hear from me (and it may be a little while), I will have finished revising it, you would be able to read it (if you really want to), and I would be finally submitting it to agents and editors.

And then, on the content side, I would hopefully have figured out exactly how I want to proceed and if it’s anything like what I’m planning then it should be a vast improvement to my channel.

And that’s it. No more tweets, no more blog posts, no more podcast episodes, and no videos. Complete and utter silence until the revising stage of my manuscript is complete.

As a side note: I’m writing this on Monday, but this is probably posted on Friday, in which case, I’ve probably already made it a good amount of the way through my manuscript revision. And, by now, I’m no longer a teenager. Huh.


That’s all I’ve got to say, and I’m out!


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Through the act of storytelling, I strive to subvert your expectations of stories, the world, and maybe even yourself.

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