Back and BETA Than Ever

What’s up, people?

Yeah, it’s me. Told ya I’d be back. I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

A lots happened in the seven (almost eight) months I’ve been away. I watched the seventh season of Game of Thrones, the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight happened (the outcome what I imagined), there were two standout terrorist attacks in my city, one of which was literally 10mins away from where I live, or should I say… lived.

I moved out from home for my studies in September, and at the end of that month I went partying around bits of southern England (a university freshers tour of sorts).

I played one of the most gorgeous and memorable video game trilogies also, which goes by the name ‘The Longest Journey’ (highly recommend it!).

I’ve also begun to consider self-publishing, but that will be explained more at a later date.

And of course, I watched the eighth episode of Star Wars, which I was very pleased with, despite the hate-wave it was inevitably going to face.

So, yeah. A good amount’s happened.

I stuck to what I said (mostly) about not posting on here or really anywhere (I did tweet/retweet a couples times, and respond to some YouTube comments). I said I would do that until I had finished this story, at least to the point where it could be read by others and I would feel satisfied enough to begin querying it.

Today, I am proud to finally announce that after four years of writing, rewriting, reading for research, reading for… reading, and playing lots of video games whilst studying and trying to maintain a healthy social life, my story is finished.

I made a video a couple years ago stating that my first draft was finished. If you watch the video, you’ll see I’m obviously quite pleased with myself. I knew there was more work to be done, but… damn. I never thought it’d be so much. Even I underestimated how much work went into a novel.

I won’t spend this post talking about what took me so long to finish it, or why it was harder than I anticipated, that’ll be a future video. I’ve wanted to do a follow up to my “Writing Epic Fantasy” vlog, but obviously required a suitable level of experience to be able to do so.

For now though, let me reminisce for a bit.

It was only a week after I turned 17, that I began this story. This is the first novel I’ve ever written, and I’m sure there’ll be parts that show it (despite my painstaking efforts to scrub them out). I’ve learnt a lot during my time writing this story.

Everything I’ve learnt about the process, about my process, everything I’ve been talking about in my podcasts and videos, all the advice I’ve given thus far, all of it had come from this story, or me learning how to best tell this specific story.

The voice of the story, my style of prose, my reading preferences, what environments I write best in, what ways I pass blocks, what usually inspired those blocks to begin with, and many, many other things I can’t currently remember.

But there is one thing above all that I’ve learned with this story, the most valuable thing I could have gotten from it.

How to write a book.

If you’re a writer too (which you probably are) and you’re working on something right now, and it’s difficult and you want to just toss it aside and completely forget about it… then do it!

No. I’m joking. Don’t do that.

Finish it.

Even if you’ll never get published (which you might not), even if it’s crap (which it probably is), and even if you never intend to write again, at least finish it. Then, share it with the world.

You could just let family/friends read it, or you could shove it out there into the great ether that is the web.

Whatever you do, do your best to finish it, if you really want to be a writer that is. You can’t be a storyteller without actually telling stories, and a story has an ending.

So, try and tell your tale, and tell it to the bitter end.

In the coming days, there will be plenty of content coming. All the ideas I’ve had brewing in the meantime, and many of those I had before but never felt authorised to speak on, I can now finally produce into something for your viewing pleasure.

The podcasts shall continue, starting the first week of the new year, and vlogs will be coming out eventually, but I’m still trying to figure out how best to do them.

If you’re interested in reading my book, let me know! I’ll be making a video about it soon anyway.

One thing is certain though, I’m back!

2018 is here, and I’m ready to make it the best year for writing I’ve ever had.

What about you?


That’s all I’ve got to say, and I’m out!


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