Things Going Forward

It’s only been a little over a month since we came into the new year and I laid out my resolutions for 2018, and already I’m backtracking.

That’s not a bad thing in this case though, there’s actually a very good reason for it. In fact, I reckon things will get a lot better as a result of these changes.

Now, before I said I’d continue my podcast, I even went so far as to tweet saying I would release the episode (that was a matter of weeks ago and I’ve since deleted that tweet lmao). However, as you might be able to guess, I’ve decided I’m not going to bother with the podcast further as of right now.


Because I remembered who I am and what I actually want.

I have strengths in areas of writing that are far better suited to a certain style of content. Whilst I’m quite a good talker, I don’t think a podcast is really for me. I’m glad I tried it out as it’s something I always wanted to do, and I fully intend to return to that format (with my original podcast idea, hopefully).

So, if not podcasts, then what will I be doing?

Let’s split this into three sections: my website, my YouTube, and other social media.


I’ll use my website primarily to showcase my writing from now on, and I won’t be posting much of anything else on here, other than links to videos that I deem relevant (such as milestones).

So, in terms of written content on this page, it’s going to be exclusively stories from myself for the most part. Short stories, extracts, anything like that.

I may also write posts that expand on topics addressed in my videos, should I feel they don’t fully cover what I want to get across.


This is perhaps the most interesting part, and where most of the change is happening.

YouTube is ma boi! I’ve been using it since 2009 to make videos (vastly different to the ones I make now ofc), and it’s my favorite thing on the Internet to be honest, even if it has taken some odd turns over the years.

As I said earlier, I’m good at talking, and I don’t feel like I’ve ever fully taken advantage of that ability, nor my understanding of everything else to do with video content.

A couple hours ago, I posted a video called “Why You Should Start Writing RIGHT NOW“, which marks the start of my channel’s new direction.

I want to make videos in scenery that doesn’t fit the typical “writing advice” landscape. I always have. But for some reason, perhaps because of my book, some lingering insecurities, or the British weather, I rarely did anything of the sort, and even when I have, I’ve yet to be fully satisfied with it.

To this date, I can say I’ve not made a video on my channel thus far that makes me go: “Yeah, that was a banger.”

Not one.

I’m satisfied with them enough to post them, especially because they’re authentic. But I’ve always known what I want my videos to look like, what I want my channel to look like, and I’ve yet to achieve it.

That is why from here on, my videos will be focusing very strongly on the mindset of being a writer.

Rather than try to pump out content all the time, I’m going to try and make videos I feel are actually meaningful and helpful, whilst keeping them as concise and to the point as possible.

That doesn’t mean they won’t ever be 20mins+. Some of the videos I want to make I can tell will be bigger topics that will take a bit of time to fully explain. However, the videos shouldn’t be longer than necessary, and I’ll cut as much fluff as needed to make certain of that.

Could I not just talk about the mindsets and philosophies for writers in podcast format?


But I don’t want to.

I prefer video. I like the dynamic background, the sounds and scenery. I don’t want to sit with books behind me or in a quiet room. I can see how some of my future videos would be shot in such a way, but I don’t want that to be the standard.

Here are some examples of video ideas I have for the future:

“Should you be a writer?”
“Why writing takes you so long”
“You’re allowed to be wrong”
“Avoid romanticism”

Those ones are pretty standard, here’s a few to tease how deep I’m willing to go.

How athletics can teach you to write fantasy novels”
Should writers be modest?”
“Writer vs Storyteller”

And many, many more.

(Those titles don’t even capture the half of it, to be honest).

Other Social Media

I don’t plan on doing anything special with these things. Expect the odd tweet on Twitter here and there (I don’t really care for it), and perhaps a post or two on Facebook.

To be honest, most of those things just exist so I look more professional, and to give me a couple pretty logos on my pages.

It may sound like I’m being lax, but the previous section should tell you I’m doing anything but.

The Moral of The Blog Post

As with most things I do, I want to be different.

I want to catch your attention with something unfamiliar, lure you in by your curiosity, and then sooth you with comforting words of familiarity, before shell-shocking you with ideas that may ignore convention.

I’m not here to be like every other writer, or to do things the way they’ve been done a thousand times before.

It’s time I remember that, and it’s time I show all of you that too.

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