May The 24th Be With You

Here I am yet again, a whole year later. Last time I posted on here I gave some updates and shared some previews of The Advent of Shadows, the sequel to my debut fantasy novel. I’m much further along with it than back then, of course, and in all honesty, I could probably release the book this year, but I’ve decided against it for a number of reasons.

The main reason is simply because it’s not necessary. I’ve not done any promotion or marketing for the first book yet, and so I’ve not really given it a fair chance at becoming something by itself. But there’s reasons for that too.

When it comes to self-publishing a novel, usually there are certain things that need to be done in order to give yourself a good chance at success, and two of those things is good marketing (pre & post release) and advertising. That’s the way things are done, and that’s how success is gained and maintained.

I’ve not done those things, and one of the main reasons in all honesty was because 2020 was a bit of a… less than stellar year, and in a lot of ways I simply didn’t put as much energy and effort into things as I should have. However another reason was due to the fact I didn’t want to do the aforementioned things in order to promote my book, because I had a different vision for how I could accomplish what I wanted.

What I wanted to do was create a platform, to become a sort of social media figure first and then through that, direct my audience to my fiction. Now, this is a path less travelled, and only recently is it something I’ve seen more of, but I can tell you that if you manage to do it, the rewards are arguably greater.

The issue is that you have to have the platform and that’s not something everyone can do, and even if you can, it could take a while (but then, what doesn’t?). So, most of last year I wasn’t really doing that, but in November, I began rebranding my YouTube channel to be based around mostly the video game series Kingdom Hearts. The majority of my content consists of theories and discussions where I share my thoughts and ideas on the story so far and where it could be going.

So far I’ve worked my way from around 200/300 or so subscribers in November (2020), to 1850 by today (May 4th 2021). This isn’t a lot of subscribers, but I’ve had a lot of views, a lot of comments and likes, and just overall feedback.

I’ve seen my videos be shared of forums, creating discussion there, and according to my analytics, they’re also shared on WhatsApp, Reddit, Discord and all sorts of other places, so I’m certain there’s a lot of conversations going on around my content that I’m not seeing.

Now, I have to say, I’m very glad to have this level of engagement. I did a livestream back in March when I hit 1000 subscribers, and I was surprised by how many people were commenting and asking me questions in just the first few minutes.

I’d never had that sort of response or interaction before, especially where so many people wanted to talk to me and ask about my ideas and what I thought, as well as of course sharing their own.

I’ve also since been invited on podcasts (one of which I literally did yesterday – another great experience), and received emails from subscribers who enjoy my content and want to share their appreciation or ideas.

I’ve been making content since I was 11 years old. I’ve been on YouTube since 2008. In all my years being on there, I have never truly given myself a fair shot at this. I’ve always been half-assed and never going all the way.

The one thing I worked on and stuck with from the time I started though was my book. It was Fateslayer.

And that’s why even now after all these years, I keep this website going, and I continue to post some updates every once in a while just to let it be known I’m still working on all this.

As I currently write this, Fateslayer is of no concern to anyone but myself and a couple others. But I write these because I hope one day that won’t be the case, and these posts will serve as some insight into my thought process at the time. If not for anyone else, at least for myself.

With that being said, I am happy with how things are going so far with this platform I’m trying to build. For the first time, I feel like I’m being appreciated by others and there’s real recognition of my efforts, but this is just the very early days. I won’t let the praise get to my head, nor let the nuggets of negativity that sometimes get dropped in my comment section discourage me.

I want to begin focusing my YouTube content on more storytelling/writing topics so I can further expand my channel and of course, eventually tie it into my fiction.

I have always been and always will be a storyteller first and foremost. All of this is just building towards my ideal vision of how exactly I want things to be.

I can only hope that someday people are making theories and discussion videos about my stories the same way I am about others.

If nothing else though, I think for the first time in a little while, I’m finally seeing things shift in a direction I’m satisfied with. But I must remain focused, because it can all dissipate in a moment.

Setbacks are a given. Nothing will be perfect and this path will inevitably hold challenges for me, some foreseen and some not. Regardless, I trust myself to handle each as they come.

Who knows, perhaps it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Well, anyway, it’s my 24th birthday today. So, may the 24th be with you, and I hope whoever you are, whenever you read this, I hope you too achieve what you want.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say, and I’m out.


5 Common Misconceptions About Starting A Fantasy Novel

There are a number of topics I have always wanted to talk about, but just never did for various reasons. This is one of them.

When I was starting my own fantasy story, I had a lot of ideas about what I thought I was supposed to do, and those didn’t always completely align with what I could actually do, or not do.

This video is mostly for anyone who was in a similar position to myself, or those who already know this stuff, but would like to hear another voice reinforcing it so you feel more assured of your decisions.

I want to cover many more topics, some of which may not be to everyone’s tastes, but that’s the way I’m going to run things.

Anyone paying attention to my channel might have noticed I have uploaded some Kingdom Hearts videos, which may seem completely leftfield. Don’t worry, I’ll still have writing content, but I may be coming at things from a bit of a different angle than I was previously.

But to be honest, when haven’t I?

Enjoy the video.

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Things Going Forward

It’s only been a little over a month since we came into the new year and I laid out my resolutions for 2018, and already I’m backtracking.

That’s not a bad thing in this case though, there’s actually a very good reason for it. In fact, I reckon things will get a lot better as a result of these changes.

Now, before I said I’d continue my podcast, I even went so far as to tweet saying I would release the episode (that was a matter of weeks ago and I’ve since deleted that tweet lmao). However, as you might be able to guess, I’ve decided I’m not going to bother with the podcast further as of right now.


Because I remembered who I am and what I actually want.

I have strengths in areas of writing that are far better suited to a certain style of content. Whilst I’m quite a good talker, I don’t think a podcast is really for me. I’m glad I tried it out as it’s something I always wanted to do, and I fully intend to return to that format (with my original podcast idea, hopefully).

So, if not podcasts, then what will I be doing?

Let’s split this into three sections: my website, my YouTube, and other social media.


I’ll use my website primarily to showcase my writing from now on, and I won’t be posting much of anything else on here, other than links to videos that I deem relevant (such as milestones).

So, in terms of written content on this page, it’s going to be exclusively stories from myself for the most part. Short stories, extracts, anything like that.

I may also write posts that expand on topics addressed in my videos, should I feel they don’t fully cover what I want to get across.


This is perhaps the most interesting part, and where most of the change is happening.

YouTube is ma boi! I’ve been using it since 2009 to make videos (vastly different to the ones I make now ofc), and it’s my favorite thing on the Internet to be honest, even if it has taken some odd turns over the years.

As I said earlier, I’m good at talking, and I don’t feel like I’ve ever fully taken advantage of that ability, nor my understanding of everything else to do with video content.

A couple hours ago, I posted a video called “Why You Should Start Writing RIGHT NOW“, which marks the start of my channel’s new direction.

I want to make videos in scenery that doesn’t fit the typical “writing advice” landscape. I always have. But for some reason, perhaps because of my book, some lingering insecurities, or the British weather, I rarely did anything of the sort, and even when I have, I’ve yet to be fully satisfied with it.

To this date, I can say I’ve not made a video on my channel thus far that makes me go: “Yeah, that was a banger.”

Not one.

I’m satisfied with them enough to post them, especially because they’re authentic. But I’ve always known what I want my videos to look like, what I want my channel to look like, and I’ve yet to achieve it.

That is why from here on, my videos will be focusing very strongly on the mindset of being a writer.

Rather than try to pump out content all the time, I’m going to try and make videos I feel are actually meaningful and helpful, whilst keeping them as concise and to the point as possible.

That doesn’t mean they won’t ever be 20mins+. Some of the videos I want to make I can tell will be bigger topics that will take a bit of time to fully explain. However, the videos shouldn’t be longer than necessary, and I’ll cut as much fluff as needed to make certain of that.

Could I not just talk about the mindsets and philosophies for writers in podcast format?


But I don’t want to.

I prefer video. I like the dynamic background, the sounds and scenery. I don’t want to sit with books behind me or in a quiet room. I can see how some of my future videos would be shot in such a way, but I don’t want that to be the standard.

Here are some examples of video ideas I have for the future:

“Should you be a writer?”
“Why writing takes you so long”
“You’re allowed to be wrong”
“Avoid romanticism”

Those ones are pretty standard, here’s a few to tease how deep I’m willing to go.

How athletics can teach you to write fantasy novels”
Should writers be modest?”
“Writer vs Storyteller”

And many, many more.

(Those titles don’t even capture the half of it, to be honest).

Other Social Media

I don’t plan on doing anything special with these things. Expect the odd tweet on Twitter here and there (I don’t really care for it), and perhaps a post or two on Facebook.

To be honest, most of those things just exist so I look more professional, and to give me a couple pretty logos on my pages.

It may sound like I’m being lax, but the previous section should tell you I’m doing anything but.

The Moral of The Blog Post

As with most things I do, I want to be different.

I want to catch your attention with something unfamiliar, lure you in by your curiosity, and then sooth you with comforting words of familiarity, before shell-shocking you with ideas that may ignore convention.

I’m not here to be like every other writer, or to do things the way they’ve been done a thousand times before.

It’s time I remember that, and it’s time I show all of you that too.

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Sayonara… for now.

This is completely contrary to what I stated in my previous podcast, but there will not be more content like I was saying.

For now.

More content will come, and it will be refreshing and a lot better than my current stuff. But I need some time to think about how to proceed, but also, I want to focus on my novel.

This story of mine, The Light Within Tears, I’ve been writing it for a while now, and last year, for various reasons, I didn’t do anywhere near as much work on it as I would have liked. I think it worked out best that I didn’t, but still, I’d rather not have a repeat of it.

It’s going to be radio silence until I am done revising this story. Next you hear from me (and it may be a little while), I will have finished revising it, you would be able to read it (if you really want to), and I would be finally submitting it to agents and editors.

And then, on the content side, I would hopefully have figured out exactly how I want to proceed and if it’s anything like what I’m planning then it should be a vast improvement to my channel.

And that’s it. No more tweets, no more blog posts, no more podcast episodes, and no videos. Complete and utter silence until the revising stage of my manuscript is complete.

As a side note: I’m writing this on Monday, but this is probably posted on Friday, in which case, I’ve probably already made it a good amount of the way through my manuscript revision. And, by now, I’m no longer a teenager. Huh.


That’s all I’ve got to say, and I’m out!


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My Gift To Young People: Perspective On Our Generational Problem


Oh… and happy birthday to me, I guess.

Yeah, it’s that time again. Celebrating a year closer to death. Yay.

Just kidding, I’m not actually that cynical and jaded, even if I am getting older.

So, twenty years old. My teen years are over, and man, what a string of years they were. Hard to believe I’ll never be considered a ‘teen’ again.

I knew this day would come, and so I wanted to give something to all the teens and young people out there, particularly the writers. But, if you’re not a writer, that’s okay, I won’t discriminate. I will be primarily speaking in the context of writing here, but honestly, whether you’re a teen who just likes reading blogs, a parent to a teenager(s), or even an older writer, I think you may find this helpful. Just try to re-contextualise it for yourself if you’re not the primary target audience.

But for all my fellow millennials, generation Y, X, whatever they call us, this is my gift to you.

The Surface of the Problems
(You’re not too young)

I’ve heard and read from young people on multiple occasions, that they feel their age means “there’s no point.” By that, they mean they’re too young, so why bother.

It’s true that if you’re young, you may lack the ability and understanding to accurately express your ideas, and that may lead to you being misunderstood and maybe not taken very seriously by others.

But that’s not an excuse.

I’ll use writing as an example.

You can access information to help you, you can find resources to help you improve and hone your craft. You can find online communities to give you encouragement, to remind you that you’re not alone.

Instead of seeing your age as a limiting factor, think of how it can be a boost. I have branded myself off the idea that I’m a young writer. My podcast is literally called ‘From Zero’ because I have almost nothing to my name, besides my talent, skill, and passion. But that’s all you need to start.

Back in 2014, about a week from today, I was freshly 17, and I decided to begin writing a book. I knew next to nothing about writing books at the time, now I know as much as anyone else.

Everyone says you have to read a lot, and prior to that I had been a reluctant reader in my teens. I went to a Waterstones, went to the Science-fiction & Fantasy section, and I knew almost nobody. I think the most I knew, was J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, and maybe a couple others. Fast-forward a year, and I knew almost everyone and what most of their books were about, and even a bit about some of them as people.

Did it require a ton of immersion in the field to get that understanding? Yes.

But the amount of effort that is required of you, depends on the height of your ambitions. If you just want to finish a manuscript, format it, and self-publish it, only expecting your friends & family to read it, that’s very different from hoping to create a bestseller that thousands of people adore, because that requires a thicker skin, and greater dedication.

You might think your age is the reason why you can’t finish your manuscript, you may blame it on school or your parents, but I promise you, whatever writer’s block you have, whatever situational issues, you can still find the time to write. How do I know that?

Because, you’re reading this blog.

That’s it.

If you’re sitting here, right now, reading this, then you could also be opening another tab, and looking up ways to overcome your blocks. You could be practising what that advice preaches, or better yet, you could be writing.

Even if you have a terrible home situation, if you’re still in school, then you can use that space to write. If for whatever reason that’s not an option, then go to a friends house. If that’s not an option then go to a library. If that’s not an option then download Word on your phone and write on there.

Welcome to 2017, where there’s almost no excuses anymore.

Understand that you’re using your age as a scapegoat. I used to think I was too young to pursue publication, but there are people that got published at a younger age than I even began my manuscript.

The Root of the Problems
(You’re not too old)

In this age of instant-gratification and the glorification of first-world problems, many people I know at my age get depressed and demoralised, thinking they’ve already ‘missed their time’. I’m often left thinking: “What the hell are you lot on about?

But I do understand.

We live in an era unlike any other. In days past, older people, respected in their fields were the ones who made the money and had the celebrity status. Even if they were young, it was in few industries, and getting that fame and respect was an arduous endeavour that was rarely achieved.

But nowadays, you can hop onto YouTube, click a button or two, and ‘Broadcast Yourself’. Young writers can go onto Wattpad, post stories and become mini-celebrities. You can find communities you fit into within seconds. You can interact and connect with the people you admire immediately.

Older people often say our generation has an entitlement issue, but when you look at the facts and the lack of rational perspective to balance it out, can you really blame us? And teenagers have been around since the 50s… so, entitlement issues began well before us anyway.

People in my generation rarely look up to the mature people anymore. They see lights and glamour, and they see it working. They see that an 18-year-old girl can make a lot of money purely from her looks on Instagram. Their 10-year-old cousin can get paid for making YouTube videos about his favourite comic-book characters.

Fame is not some distant thing that happens in Hollywood anymore. It can and does happen anywhere and with anyone and for almost anything.

As someone who has grown up in this generation, I’m always fascinated with our future. On the lighter side, I wonder what marvellous new things we’ll design. On the darker, I ponder what health issues we’re developing and will suddenly break out in out thirties, creating a generational epidemic.

But many of my fellow young people are concerned with their current problems. That makes sense, but they dwell upon things that, in my view, they have no need to dwell on.

So, you’re 17 and you’re not a YouTube celebrity. So what? Most YouTube celebrities aren’t 17. But you see, the issue is that enough of them are. Enough to make many other 17-year-olds concerned about their own self-worth and develop a fear of missing out.

Social media obviously has done a lot of good by allowing us more inter-connectivity. But it has created a ‘snapshot’ of people’s lives. Modelling catalogues, celebrity culture, and things of the like have done this for ages, but now, it’s everywhere. And anyone that’s not you, can seem like they lead a more glamorise life if they know how to make it seem that way.

I mean, the other day, I heard a girl in my class at University tell her friends they should pay extra money for a hotel room. Why? “Because we can do snaps.” Yes, she was referring to Snapchat. That was her counter to her friends rather rational point of, “We’re just sleeping in there, so we don’t need to pay much.”

This could be seen as just a ‘phase’ but the problem that I see in it, is lasting self-esteem issues that could bleed into adulthood, and potentially the rest of our lives. Regret is in my view, the worst feeling you can have. And already, before 20, many people are regretful of things they shouldn’t even be expecting of themselves.

Consider that we now live in a world where your schoolmates could be earning more money than your parents.. combined, because they play Minecraft on YouTube and have a dedicated legion of fans.

Personally, I think that’s amazing. I’ve been making content on YouTube for nearly 10 years, so I’ve seen it change a lot. I recall the phases it’s gone through (particularly in the gaming department) in regards to monetisation, and those old-school partnerships and gaming networks.

Now, anyone, anywhere, can click a button and start earning. For free. That, to me as someone who grew up in this generation, is still insane. But you see, for many people, that’s “how it should be”.

See the problem?

The Solution to the Problems

Instead of appreciating what we have been given, and relishing in the opportunities around us, our first instinct is to boast about how it is ‘deserved’. It’s the difference between an entitlement mentality and an appreciative mentality.

So, yeah, I’ve been going on about internet culture and all that, but it’s important to give some perspective on what I believe the wider issue at play here is. We think we’re not worthy of getting something because we didn’t get it earlier, and thus, we believe the time has passed. We expect that just because we exist and have a smartphone, there should be some kind of fame attached to it.

Now, I know some of you are thinking: “Hold on, I don’t care about being famous.” But even if it’s not to that extent, many young people expect a certain number of likes. It’s my birthday today, I would be a bit weirded out if nobody posted on my Facebook wall to wish me well.

Do you see my point? There’s nothing inherently evil about wanting these things, or in aspiring for them, but understand they are not deserved or certain. But because they have become such a part of our daily lives, we do expect a degree of validation from others.

And I’m primarily addressing those who are very concerned with this, which, if you take a look at studies, is a lot of our generation.

But… what are you rushing to anyway?

There are some industries that require you to have looks, or a level of fitness that you just may not have. Or only have a certain amount of time to capitalise on. Okay, in those areas, you should be working faster to achieve it, but don’t beat yourself up over it if you’re truly doing your best. Remember that you still have time. And even if that never pans out (because it just won’t for most people), don’t view yourself as a failure.

I wanted to be published as a teenager. As of today, that dream is dead. That will never happen now. Guess what? I don’t care. I’ll still get published, and instead, it’ll be in my twenties. But here’s the secret, even if I don’t get published in my twenties, I’ll just change it to my thirties, then my forties.

And in each of those cases, I will see the positives in the situation. If I’m published in my thirties it just means I’ll be a better writer by then, and my stories will be 1000x better than they are now. Forties onward, the same thing.

The truth is, if you don’t know how to appreciate what you have now, you will never appreciate what you have later.

Even if your dreams were dropped into your lap, without the work and time, the blood, sweat and tears required of you, you’d never appreciate and enjoy it. Look at most child stars, they don’t exactly turn out that great later on do they? It’s all glam glam for a while, but then it’s a downward slope from there.

How on earth can we live in a world more connected than ever, yet studies show a lot of young people feel lonely? I’ll tell you. It’s not that they have no friends necessarily, or nobody to talk to (though that is the case for some). It’s that they’re unable to understand the value in those things.

I like to give advice and offer new perspectives, and this is a very close to home issue, where people I know are strongly affected by this way of thinking. I am part of this generation, I’m growing up with you guys, so if I can see things this way, you can too.

You are not too young and you’re most certainly not too old. What you are, is too unappreciative and lacking perspective.

Don’t think you’re not performing well just because your friend has internet fame and you don’t. It’s a lot of hard work to get fame, even on the Internet. Sure, you can get it easier than ever before and for things you’d never expect, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow.

Yes, some people do go viral for the stupidest of things, and can become celebrities (“Cash me outside” girl). That’s internet culture for you. Fame can come that quick, and if you’re ever lucky enough to be one of those people, be very grateful, and realise your fortune for what it is.

Remember, even millionaires can go broke.

If you’re not one of those people (which is more likely), then be happy with what you have. I know that’s cliche, but it’s the honest truth. Stop rushing. Work towards what you want and do all you can to outperform and rise above the competition. Don’t cut yourself slack just because you’re young, but… (here comes the paradox), remember that you are young. Remember that you do have many years ahead.

It’s a paradoxical belief, but if there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that understanding it, and living it, will change your life for the better in so many ways.

Now, if you don’t agree with me, comment all your doubts so I can dismantle them, then after that, go and tell your story, go and do whatever it is you must do, in whatever way you must, and let the world be your audience.

Just remember you have plenty of time to practice. 😉

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Emotive Writing/The Rule of Cool

Emotion is important, perhaps even more important than logic. In this episode, I delve into how emotion in your writing is an understated aspect of what creates memorable stories.

What I realised by the end of this episode, is that this topic is larger for me than I initially realised. I never got to speak about how much connection factors into emotion, but I believe the ‘Rule of Cool’ was handled rather well. But I’d love to really talk about just exactly how significant I believe emotive writing to be.

Perhaps I’ll do another part to this episode, and revisit it at a later date. I just want you to be aware that this episode doesn’t contain everything I have to say about the topic.

Hopefully it is still helpful for you despite all that.


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I have been waiting a while to talk about this! Finally, in episode 7 of the From Zero Podcast, I do. I suppose, in the context of my YouTube channel and content, it’s not been that long. But for me personally, I have wanted to talk about this for quite some time.

Science-fantasy is a genre I have a lot of passion and love for. It’s stupidly underappreciated, and I have abolsutely no idea why. People don’t make stories in science-fantasy settings very often, and I find it mind-boggling.

In this episode, I give my own definition of science-fantasy, as I understand it, and how I feel such a setting can be best created.

If you know of any science-fantasy stories, be sure to recommend them to me. BUT, listen to the whole podcast before you do. You may find my idea of science-fantasy is not exactly the same as yours.


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Realism in Fantasy Stories

The podcast originally released as normal, but the accompanying blog post somehow… was not.

For whatever reason, this post was published with no text whatsoever. Even though I’m very sure I spent about 10 minutes typing the whole bloody thing out!


Basically, this is the sixth episode of my podcast. I wanted to discuss the matter of ‘realism’ in fantasy stories. I feel like sometimes we get ‘too caught up in the fantasy’ and essentially put some of the realistic elements on the back-burner.

I talk in the video about why this can sometimes happen, why it’s a bit of a problem, and how to resolve it.

Take a listen!

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Three Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

The most typical of all writing topics.

I have wanted to make some shorter videos on various typical topics that writer’s often talk about. Finally, after weeks of putting it off, I did.

In these videos, I will be give my views on these subjects, whilst providing some insight into what has helped me with them in the past.

This is the crucial part of these videos: they’re purely from my own experience. No videos on writing topics that I have never had to deal with. Those topics will be done in separate videos that I will title as ‘Musings’. But more on that when the time comes.

I usually have an odd way of thinking about things, but the first two bits of advice are rather standard. The third isn’t that weird, but it’s something you may have not heard as advice before, and it’s rather useful.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Anime-Inspired Stories

The fifth episode of the From Zero Podcast has arrived!

This is one of the topics that led to me making this podcast to begin with. One thing I knew would set the podcast apart from others, was my eagerness to talk about ideas and topics that nearly nobody speaks on.

There seems to be a trend among young writers to draw inspiration from anime, to create what is being dubbed by some as ‘anime-inspired stories’.

Anime is something I have rarely heard authors bring up in regards to writing, and in the podcast I reference some of the few times I have heard it.

I also give my thoughts on this peculiar subgenre of storytelling, and how I think it can be done well.

If you’re someone who loves anime and writing, or maybe just one of those things, why not take a listen? And trust me, you can expect more content on this theme in the future.

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