A Quote Teaser For The Advent of Shadows

So, I have had the idea to do something like this for a while. I would love to do something like this with audio and voices, but I think that’ll come later down the line when and if I ever have a proper audiobook. Until that point, this is a little teaser for The Advent of Shadows, but unlike my previous teaser, which was an extract from the early part of the book, this time I have taken quotes from the book.

They are completely out of context and have no names attached and come from different parts of the book, so you can try and figure out who is saying what, to who, and why in your own mind. I picked some quotes I thought would capture some important elements of the book, but also, tease the tone that the story will be taking.

And… there might be a little more to some of them than that. Aaaand… there are no errors with any of the quotes. To fully understand them, well, I guess you’ll just have to wait until it’s out won’t you?

Just trust me when I say a lot happens in this story, so many surprises and I don’t really want to give away anything more than I already have. So, I think this will be the last tease I provide for a good while. 

No idea when I’ll next be posting on here, but in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the lockdown in whatever way I can, and hopefully the next you hear of me, it’ll be during brighter days!


That’s all I’ve got to say, and I’m out.



“This is a sacrifice that must be made for the realization of Mother’s plan.”

“I am concerned she may be taking her Fate too much to heart.”

To me, your very existence was a curse… And yes, I hated you for it.”

“What reason do they have to keep on fighting against us?”

“You’re not so selfish. I know you wouldn’t forsake the whole world for one person.”

It is clear the Umbrisa-Kin have some greater goal. One that the Umbrisa left them with.”

I cannot deny things have taken a turn for the absoulte worst.”


“Do not succumb to the madness.”

As you can see, things have gone quite differently this time. Far beyond even my expectations.”

Sever the threads. Sever the threads. Sever the threads.”

Standing around in front of something like that for two-hundred years? Yeah, I’m alright on that one.”

“The Gods must have created it for some purpose! Where else could it have come from?!”

“Daybreak. That’s us. The light that breaks through the dark!”

“A lady and a Lenria dancing? Well, this is certainly one for the history books.”

“How…? How did I create such a monstrosity?”

Any Kin you come across are to be captured if possible and killed if necessary.”

Your makers… still asleep they all are. My makers… awake. Always. Always awake. 

This is the Fate you deserve.”


A Wild Extract Appears (Again)!

Yes, a little under four years later, and another wild extract appears.

This time, it’s an extract from The Advent of Shadows, which is the sequel to my debut novel. 

I’m doing my best to make as much progress on it as I can, and to any and all who have and will read the first entry in the series, thank you very much. I promise you the sequel will blow that one out of the water though. At least, I certainly think it will.

I won’t say much more, but naturally, there will be spoilers for the first book in this chapter. So if you haven’t read the first book, and you’re the type who hates spoilers, I highly recommend you don’t read this. 

For those of you who are curious about what is in store for you, I already posted the synopsis for the sequel earlier, and below is the entirety of chapter three.

Yes, three.

I put the first chapter at the end of book one as a preview for this book. And for readers of the first book, I think chapter three will be a good tease, as it shows my first time writing from the perspective of a character who never got any POV chapters in book one. Also, chapter two would put out too much plot information that I think would be better experienced in the actual book, rather than months before.

I also have some other book two stuff I plan on posting today, but I’ll leave that for later. 

Till then, enjoy.

(Everything below is subject to change)


When she was first ordered to be part of this assignment, Meilin hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect. Being commanded by a Senior to join an operation to the mainland was not something she expected to happen anytime soon, and perhaps if not for her decent display of knifework, it may have not ever happened.

But it did, and so here she was.

Meilin bopped across the bridge that led into the large fortress where the squads headed by Senior Rin had just fought.

She gazed around at the landscape. It was not exactly like she had imagined. Actually, it was nothing like she imagined. Her studies led her to believe the mainland was this lush land full of an abundance of life, albeit the Lenria side of her studies ensured to emphasize how this all masked the darker and more broken side of life on these lands. Yet these fields were all brown and dull-looking.

Regardless, Meilin had yet to meet any humans, and so until then she’d reserve full judgment. But there was so much to take in. So much going on every which way she looked. Even the small town that was beside this fortress was remarkable to her.

The way the buildings were all a similar design, all so neatly placed beside one another, and how the road snaked through, outlining a path from the modest town to the grand fortress.

But what really got to her, was the fact this was nothing next to everything else that was out there.

A human city must be a mad sight, is what she thought. Definitely got to see one of those soon!


Meilin jumped. She looked up ahead to see a face not unlike her own staring back at her.

“Hurry up,” Meihui snapped. “I don’t have all day to wait on you.” She stood in the massive doorway that led inside the fort, arms folded, and brows dipped.

“Sorry!” Meilin said before hurrying over.

As she entered the fort with her twin, she took in the large walls and the posh-looking furniture that was in some of the rooms. She would have thought that a fortress would have been much plainer, just a lot of stone and steel or something like that.

As she followed Meihui through the Fort, she realized she hadn’t the slightest idea where she was going. So, she asked.

“Where are we going, sis?” She spoke the words with enthusiasm.

Meihui glared at her. “Do not talk so loud. It’s not necessary.” She led Meilin through a door and onto an unnervingly dark stairwell. “The only reason you are even here is because you wouldn’t shut up about it. So, the least you can do is shut up now.”

Meilin smirked, holding back the hurt she all too deeply felt. This was how her relationship with Meihui had always been. Despite the fact they were twins, Meihui acted as though she were above Meilin, and it often appeared as if she was embarrassed by the fact they were related, especially in such a blatant manner.

Twin Lenria were a very rare occurrence, but there was no significance to their existence. There was only one other pair of twins in the Order presently, and they were much older than Meilin and Meihui. Historically, there had only been one other pair of Lenrian twins, and they both perished in the civil war.

As such rarities, Meilin often felt it was only right they looked out for each other and enjoy one another’s company as proper blood relatives. Meihui on the other hand, seemed to think such a notion was nonsense. She didn’t view herself as a twin. To her, it wasn’t Meihui & Meilin, it was just Meihui.

Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, Meilin entered what appeared to be a dungeon. It might have been more intimidating if not for all lamps and Lenria present in the room.

High-Archivists, High-Paladins and even some High-Artisans were scouring the space as though investigating something. A couple of them were scrutinizing sheets of paper, whilst others were discussing the structure or observing the massive map on the wall. Two women were inspecting some kind of hole that was in one of the cell walls.

One grey-haired lady hunched over the table glanced up as Meilin and Meihui entered. Her shoulder-length locks rested nicely on her white tunic. For whatever reason, she was not wearing her navy robe, but her brands were on display just as well, and from those Meilin identified her as one of Senior rank, specifically a Senior-Archivist.

“High-Archivist Meihui,” she addressed, raising her right three fingers in salute.

The twins saluted back before the Senior eyed Meilin.

“Is this a family outing?” asked the Senior.

Meilin made a playful face. “Aren’t we all family, Senior?”

“Be quiet,” Meihui murmured.

The Senior didn’t give a proper smile, but there was a little tug of something at the corner of her lips. Meilin was satisfied with that.

“She is merely here to observe, Senior,” Meihui explained.

The Senior seemed to be looking at Meilin’s brands. “She is a Paladin. Should a High-Paladin not be accompanying her?”

“Naturally, Senior. I just–”

“You have a habit of taking things into your own hands, High-Archivist.” The Senior’s tone was harsher now, her eyes a tad more piercing. “Only those of High and Senior ranks are permitted to be down here. Bringing one of your lesser experienced sulira with you was not only foolhardy, but a blatant disregard for proper protocol.”

“Forgive me, Senior. I can escort her back upstairs.”

“No. You have wasted enough time. Paladin, you may see yourself out.”

Meilin looked at Meihui, but of course, Meihui just glared at her, as if it were Meilin’s fault that she was down here. It partially was but it was also partially Meihui’s fault for allowing it.

It’s not like I knew I wasn’t allowed down here.

Meilin just saluted the Senior and her twin before heading back upstairs.

She returned outside and just sat on the grass, uncertain of what exactly she was supposed to be doing. She only wanted to go with Meihui because she was bored, and because she was being nosy. She had a chance to go inside the fort and have a peek around, of course she was going to take it!

Bunch of good that did her. She still ended up being left out in the cold, literally.

Surely there was a purpose for her in all of this. She was friends with the Luxia, the bringer of light and all that good stuff. How was it that still nobody treated her special in some way? In all honestly, nobody really treated anyone particularly special in the Order, that was how the culture was. Still, it would be nice if for once she was a bit more acknowledged.

She never really put much thought into it, but Auria only managed to get down to the mainland because Meilin helped her. Well, it was Meihui’s plan, but Meihui only gave them that plan because Meilin had pleaded for her help to rescue Marria.

But Marria died anyway.

If she hadn’t given Auria that way to the mainland, perhaps that would have never happened. Perhaps Marria would still be living. But maybe then the Umbrisa would still be living too.

Meilin sighed loudly, resting her head on her hand as she watched the setting sun. Night would soon come. Night on the mainland. She’d never seen that before. Maybe it would cheer her up a little. She hoped so.

Meilin just watched the other Lenria who were busy doing things around the outside of the fort and in the nearby town. She saw a few flying back and forth, carrying things to and from the fortress.

She kept her eye on the large doorway to the fort, waiting for Meihui to come back out.

But she could only stave off the boredom for so long. Once she no longer could, she began walking around.

She headed into the little town, looking around for Auria, or even Parax or Senior Rin. But she didn’t see them. She reckoned it would be nice to have some friends to talk to right now, so upon seeing one girl she recognized carrying a bucket of water, Meilin approached her.

The girl was only a Varlet, but Meilin knew her face, and felt comfortable talking to her. She knew the bucket of water was likely to wash the clothes of a Lenria or two, and she remembered how annoying that task was, and how further annoying it was when someone interrupted you when doing it.

“Erm,” she started. “Sorry to bother you. I know you’re busy. I was just wondering if you knew where Auria is?”

The girl frowned. “She’s on the Isles,” she said, as if it were obvious. “She’s sick or something, I heard.”

“Sick?” Meilin repeated with a frown of her own. “How could she be sick? You sure about that?”

The Varlet shrugged. “Just what I heard.”

Meilin could see the girl urgently wanted to press on. “Alright. Well, thanks anyway.”

The girl just nodded and waddled off, forgetting to salute her superior. Or perhaps it was just because both her hands were full. Still, Meilin couldn’t shake the feeling it was a tad rude of the child.

She made her way back near the bridge to the fort. She was certain she was meant to be doing something right now. Everyone else was. Even that varlet. Yet here she was, doing absolutely nothing.

Usually that would be a good thing, a great thing even. But right now, it just made her feel useless.

Just then, she noticed Meihui coming out of the fort and heading towards her.

“Well, what happened?” she asked her. “Anything interesting?”

“What did the Luxia tell you of the dark mirror she found in the mountains?”

Meilin was thrown off by the sudden query. “Err… I-I don’t really remember.”

Meihui sighed. “So useless.”

The words were like a kick to Meilin’s heart, but she firmed it. “Well… I remember a little bit about it.”

Meihui narrowed her eyes. “A little bit being what?”

“How she destroyed it.”

“Everyone knows that.”

“Well… also what she said it felt like. And how the Umbrisa came walking out of it, and that when she destroyed it, the Umbrisa had not been destroyed with it.”

Meihui perked up. “Destroyed with it? What do you mean?”

“I don’t really know. I just know she said that.”

Meihui seemed to be in thought. “I think there is another one of those mirrors. Senior Odile thinks the same.”

Senior Odile? Is that who that woman was?

“If that is true,” Meihui continued. “That will most likely be an issue. I just heard that Auria is in the infirmary back on the Isles and Parax is with her. Whatever is going on with her may also be a problem. So, you’re the only person close enough to her who is nearby. They could simply question Auria, but Senior Odile said it would be best not to do so for the moment, and since I know you may know something, I suggested we simply get your input until it is a suitable time to get the Auria’s.”

Meilin rose her brows. “Wait, so you want me to help?”

“I have told Senior Odile that we need more information,” Meihui explained. “You may have some that nobody else present possesses. That is all.”

Meilin made a smug face. “So… you want me to help?”

Meihui glared at her for a moment before rolling her eyes. Then, with an audible groan, she walked away and back towards the inside of the fort.

Meilin grinned.

Finally, she had something to do. Something only she could help out with. Maybe now she might actually be useful in some way, and maybe she would actually be recognized for it.

Synopsis for The Advent of Shadows

First things first.

It’s my 23rd birthday today. Last year, I revealed my book cover for my debut novel as a gift to the world, despite the fact it’s my birthday. For many years now, I’ve always treated my birthday as a sort of deadline or something to draw attention to things I’ve done or plan on doing, but usually, I do that offline and keep it to myself.

This year, I wanted to follow in the spirit of last year and do some more things in relation to my writing, but since I don’t have a book cover for my next book yet (mostly because I can’t think of what I want it to be), I have decided to post some things related to it instead. Partially as a way to show I am actually working on it, but also for some people who have been curious about the next part of the story. 

So, I will be posting a few things today, before inevitably disappearing from this site for ages again. The first of those things will be the synopsis for the sequel to my debut novel. If you finished The Light Within Tears or looked at the next book’s Goodreads page, you would have seen this already, but for anyone who hasn’t, and also just because I feel like it should be on here, here’s the synopsis for my next book, The Advent of Shadows. 

Subject to change ofc…

A matter of months has passed since the events of The Light Within Tears, and now, the Mistress shall learn of the penultimate tale in this trilogy of tragedy, the tale of The Advent of Shadows.

When news of an unstoppable disease and a new mirror of darkness surfaces, Auria spots an opportunity to redeem herself for her past failures and to fulfill her Fate. But Fate has further challenges for her, and when Auria’s healing powers go out of control, she shall struggle not only to save others from the ever-spreading darkness, but also herself.

Still searching for truth in an ever-darkening world, Parax pursues the title of High-Paladin all the while hiding her true nature from her scrutinizing superiors. When she meets Prince Arlas, the son of the Emperor, a conspiracy against both their societies is uncovered. As an unknown threat strikes from the shadows, Parax realizes that to face this enigmatic enemy, she must enter human society, and it is there she will face the greatest test of her loyalties.

Upon hearing about the possibility of new dark mirrors, Meilin joins her twin sister’s team on a venture to the Eastern continent to investigate a place no previous Lenria has returned from. Meilin just wants to be useful, to have meaning, but what she and her twin shall discover in the East, will spawn revelations that threaten to destroy all meaning as they know it.

My Debut YA Fantasy Novel Is FINALLY Out!

…on Kindle!

As Valentines Day ends, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my one true love…

…my debut fantasy novel.

This beautiful creation has been part of my life for 5 (almost 6 years) and now, finally, I have decided to let it go.

As of midnight, it will available for everyone in the world to read (you can still pre-order it for the last couple hours of today or just buy it tomorrow). I already know a lot of people don’t read books these days… I don’t blame you.

Who needs books when you got Netflix and video games? But, storytelling is a passion of mine, and books are just one of many ways I hope to tell stories.

So maybe Netflix and video games are in my future, but for now, this is what I have for you.

The Light Within Tears is the first entry in the Fateslayer Saga, a Fantasy series that I hope will be thought-provoking as well as entertaining for those who read it.

If you’re interested in books and Fantasy stories, then this may be for you. If not, mention it to someone who might be interested.

It is only available as an Ebook right now, but soon it will be available in paperback, and MAYBE someday in audio.

To those of you who do end up reading it, I hope you enjoy it. For those of you who ain’t really into books or audiobooks, who knows, maybe it’ll be on your screens one day.

Thank you for reading this wall of text. I greatly appreciate it.

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B083TCJMMB

US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083TCJMMB